Amateur Incubating with Good Results

As I’m sitting down to write this blog post I’m thinking to myself “who on earth am I to give you guys advice on incubating chicken eggs?” Aaaaaand to be perfectly honest, the answer to that question is that I’m really nobody. I’m just a girl living in the middle of nowhere Montana, trying to [...]

Tips for Incubating Chicken Eggs

Hi friends!  Before we began incubating our first batch of chicks, I asked my Instagram buddies for any tips, tricks, or advice they could share from their own incubating experiences. Since I found this information very helpful, I figured other people would too. As a disclaimer, I would like to say that these ideas are [...]

My Favorite Quiche Recipe

Our first summer with the chickens we had more eggs than we could possibly eat on our own and we weren't quite set up yet to begin selling them. As a result, I worked on a few recipes that used a large amount of eggs to create a delicious alternative to sitting on extra eggs [...]

Fun with Fencing

So you want to build a fence? Step 1: Find a handsome guy. Step 2: Buy some expensive materials. Step 3: Have said handsome guy do 80% of the work to build your fence. Okay but really... When we decided that we were going to add some dairy goats to the property, we knew that [...]

So you want a flock of chickens?

Starting your own flock of chickens can be one of the most rewarding experiences as a hobby farmer or homesteader. Even though chickens are becoming as popular and common in households as hamsters, they are not the easiest animal in the world to raise and it is very important that you do your research up [...]