Farm Fresh Eggs

Parallel 45 Farm currently sells farm fresh organic chicken eggs. If you are in the area and are interested in purchasing some of these delicious morsels, please reach out to us via e-mail at or call or text us at 701-202-9510.

Eggs are $6.50 a dozen for your first batch, and then $6.00 per dozen after that if you reuse your Parallel 45 Farm egg carton. We also offer a half dozen option for $3.25. When you purchase your first dozen eggs from us, we will provide you with a Parallel 45 Farm loyalty card. IMG_8401This card will allow us to keep track of your purchases and you will receive every dozenth dozen free!

Our chickens have been raised on our farm from just a couple weeks old. They sleep in a well maintained coop at night and spend their days roaming freely in our goat pen where they can take dust baths, stretch their wings, and bask in the sun.

We recently added 5 new breeds and 50 total hens to our flock! Beginning in summer 2019 we will have the ability to provide eggs to local consumers and businesses alike. Check back for an updated listing of dates we will be at the Livingston and Shields Valley Farmer’s Markets, or send us a message to set up an egg delivery now!

Cover photo by Stephannie Camosse Photography