Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Parallel 45 Farm is currently home to 7 Nigerian Dwarf goats.  Scroll down to meet our current caprine pals. If you are in the area and want to stop by, we would be happy to introduce you to these guys; they are packed full of affection and personality!

This guy is our buck (and father to all our Spring 2020 babies)! He came to us from Black Dog Farm in Livingston, MT! His name is Mr. Beauregarde, but he goes by BG for short.  He is a pretty laid back little guy, but loves to play and get nose scratches. We can’t wait to see what cute babies he brings to the farm!


Miss Minnie Pearl was born in March of 2018. She is very small for her age and and looks like a little peanut next to our other goats. This is especially funny because she is currently the second oldest goat on the farm. She is a fan favorite with our customers and the most docile goat in our herd. We are expecting kids from Pearl at the end of April 2020. Check back if you are interested in adding some goats to your family!
Bechler Rose joined Parallel 45 Farm in October of 2018. She was born at the end of June 2018 and we hope to breed her in the summer of 2019 for fall 2019 babies! Bechler is the most aloof of our current group of goats but get out of her way when the licorice treats come out! She will plow over just about anything to get to us for licorice treats. Miss Bechler came to us from Black Dog Farm in Livingston, MT. We are expecting kids from Bechler at the end of April 2020. Check back if you are interested in adding some goats to your family!


Grace O’Malley is a half sibling to Crash and was also born in April of 2018. She is the OG doe of our group and will be the first goat we breed here on the farm! We are hoping to deliver her babies in the summer of 2019. She was also a bottle baby and loves her chin scratches! However, as soon as the hay or grain comes out, she will bail on scratches for food, every. single. time. Both Grace and Crash came to us from Hyalite Farm in Bozeman, MT.
Crash is our resident wether (neutered male) and one of the OGs of the group. He was born in April of 2018 and has come to Parallel 45 to be a great companion for our lovely does. He was a bottle baby (meaning that we raised him on a bottle from 6 weeks old until weaning age). He is the most friendly goat in the group and will be the first to run up for chin scratches and snuggles every time.
Primrose is the youngest girl on the farm and does she knows it! She is an attention hog but also one of the sweetest goats on the farm. If you’ll sit down and hang out with her, she will cuddle you forever.  We are looking forward to breeding her next year but are just having fun watching her grow and learn this year. 
Bernie is the second wether on our farm and one the most entertaining goats to watch. He loves to run and play, but when he’s not doing that he takes lots of naps in the sun with his pal BG. He will be one of the first to greet you at the gate. He and Primrose are brother and sister but couldn’t be more different!