Our Story

Hi there! Welcome to our little slice of heaven. To start off, it is very nice to meet you!  We are so glad you stopped by! Within the last seven years we have been breaking into the farming world and are taking things one day at a time; each day making baby steps toward the goal of living more sustainably and relying less on super markets for meals. We bought our current property in June of 2020 but have been property owners in this area for 7 years. Every day brings a new challenge and we love the great community and endless laughter owning all these animals has brought to our lives.

Prior to purchasing our previous property neither of us had ever lived on a farm, though we both grew up around farm animals. The list is growing all the time, but currently we have nine Nigerian Dwarf goats. We breed our goats for babies every summer and love having the ability to make goat cheese, soaps and just enjoy the bouncing babies!

We have 3 Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs who spend the majority of their time watching over the goats and our 15 chickens. We began breeding livestock guardian puppies in 2022 and are expecting our second litter of puppies in 2023!

We have three companion dogs that help us run this ragtag crew. Marley is our 12 year old rescue dog (pictured above) and she is the best behaved and loved by all on the farm. We also have a French Bulldog named Esther and an Australian Shepherd named Duncan who love to get into mischief together.

We are learning more every day and have committed to making our home and our animals the best that they can be. In the spring of 2021 we opened up our mother in law suite in the basement to guests from all over – and we also own and host a vacation rental outside Glacier National Park. You can check out both rentals here. We hope you’ll consider staying with us if you visit the beautiful state of Montana!


Chelsea & John