Our Story

Hi there! Welcome to our little slice of heaven. To start off, it is very nice to meet you!  We are so glad you stopped by! Within the last couple years we have been breaking into the farming world and are taking things one day at a time; each day making baby steps toward the goal of living more sustainably and relying less on super markets for meals. We bought our current property in July of 2017 and have been working ever since to make it our dream home inside and out.


Photo by Stephannie Camosse Photography


Prior to purchasing this property neither of us had ever lived on a farm, though we both grew up around farm animals. The list is growing all the time, but currently we have four Nigerian Dwarf goat does, and two wethers (neutered male) who pal around with them. We also added a buckling in the summer of 2019 to break into the goat breeding world, and hope to have baby goats in the spring of 2020. In addition to the goats, we have 2 Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs (one is pictured above) who spend the majority of their time watching over the goats and our 75 chickens. Marley is our resident companion pup that we rescued from a shelter eight years ago (also pictured above) and she has transitioned to farm life seamlessly (but still likes to sleep inside by the fireplace at night); she spends most of her time with our orange tabby cat, Mr. Pickles, who has become a top notch mouser, and has also decided that life on the farm isn’t so bad. Pickles has recently been joined by a smaller, more energetic female kitten who moved here from Minnesota to become a mouser just for the farm! Pickles isn’t sure he’s a fan of her yet, but we think they’ll be buddies in no time!

We are learning more every day and have committed to making our home and our animals the best that they can be. In spring of 2019 we added an off-grid cabin to our property to share our farm and Yellowstone country with visitors from all over the world! Join us here to follow our journey, we promise it will be worth your while!


Chelsea & John